Monday, April 22, 2013

Ende and Stick At It Again

Though I'm not going to really have time to write for the next ten days or so, the next part of Felriver is trundling around in my head.  "Huntlead" is going to get a lead-in of the same vein as the introduction to the book; Ende will introduce the Huuel, their history and traditions, and Stick will then illuminate the readers on "the basics".  So far the feedback on the interaction between those two has been great, so I'm going to fly with it, not to mention that it relieves me of having to explain all the little details about Huuel society in the middle of the story.

Snowing again today, and we're also supposed to have record-breaking cold, so the roads will freeze solid tonight.  Real bummer because I wanted to take the kiddo out for dinner, and now it will have to wait.  I've got a serious case of cabin fever and could really use a day out . . . Disney World is sounding really good about now . . . *sigh*

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