Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Typing Spree!

Today my husband started his summer job, so I had the house all to myself save Klinger, Mushu, and Atticus.  Klinger was no issue - she's a snake, she just sleeps under her log - but I did have to entertain the dogs from time to time.  Regardless I am almost at the 30k mark on "Heartbound", and this one is definitely turning into one of those "all ages fantasy epics".  It is NOT going to be a short book, so hopefully young fantasy fans who never want the world to end will gobble it up when it is finished!

I'm also currently sitting at 94 likes on Facebook, and I'll be hosting a giveaway when I reach 100.  I hope the winner can appreciate my rather twisted sense of humor.  :)  The only clues I have given to what the prize will be so far is that it is for either men or women, it has nothing to do with Wonderstruck or any of my writing (I have nothing to give away yet for those, unfortunately), it does not have anything to do with pirates or ninjas, and it might serve as inspiration for conveying emotions for someone's next novel.  Also, since I realized that I have been dead silent about what both of my stories in Wonderstruck are even about, I'll be posting previews tomorrow on Facebook as well. (Don't worry, Rebecca, I won't give too much away.  ;) )

Unless my insomnia continues, which I hope it does not, I'll have to take an active writing break tomorrow to start developing the guide for the back of "Heartbound" for the locations, terms, and characters.  For young readers especially, and for many books in the fantasy genre, it can sometimes be very difficult to keep everything straight, and I love authors who are kind enough to put these guides in the back of their longer works.  They certainly have come in handy, especially when I have to put a book down for a few days and find myself wondering "who was that minor character again?".

So tomorrow looks like a very busy day in the marketing and paperwork department!  Don't forget to support Clean Teen Publishing's Oklahoma fundraiser, which I posted about yesterday!

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