Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Fork in the Road (insert Fozzie Bear Here)

"Heartbound" is finished.  It's amazing . . . going from someone who less than two months ago never considered being a full-time writer any time soon to someone who has already completed two books in that time.  Sure, they're relatively short, but they are for YAe, after all.  But now I am at that point of what to do next as I wait to hear back from the publisher to see if the series gets picked up.  If it doesn't, then it sits for a year while I wait for the publishing contract on "Heartkeeper" to run out so I can release them both at the same time under separate titles.  If it does, then I'm going to be in this world for a year or two at least.

And over here I have Blackhollow, Aloren, Stick, Delmari, Sharp-Teeth-Not-Brains, and all the other characters from Felriver giving me very sad looks, as if I have forgotten all about them.  I can assure you I have not, my dears ... Felriver will be written and you will get to preserve your history for generations to come.  Hopefully if "Heartbound" does get picked up, I can work out something that will leave me enough time to work on both series because as much as I love the characters from "Heartkeeper" - especially Fenjine and Amergin - the Felriver animals are my children, and I can't leave them behind.

So here's to hoping . . . I raise a glass to good wishes, gentle proofreaders, and all the worlds, stories, and personalities just waiting for their chances to grace the pages of a book or a Kindle screen. 

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