Monday, July 1, 2013

A VERY Belated Update!

   Crazy does not begin to describe the past few weeks which is why I have not had the time to update here ... I decided this morning I simply could not put it off any longer and out of fairness I had to MAKE the time. Hopefully when you read below you'll understand my slowness in posting here.

   I'm very happy to say that "Heartkeeper" was in fact contracted by Clean Teen Publishing, and not only that, was picked up to be a series!  They do NOT like to sit on finished books, which is absolutely wonderful, and worked well for me because not only had I finished "Heartkeeper", but also Book 2 in the series, "Heartbound".  The contract was signed, and we made arrangements to chat via ooVoo to work out the details, and the night we were supposed to meet a massive storm came through town and knocked down trees everywhere.  No power, no toilets, and the clock ticking toward release date.  We got the conference call set up for the next day, and I walked out of it with a ton more work to do ... because not only now was I writing the series, I was also the cover artist! 

   This is HUGE for me because I have really been drawing for much longer than I have been writing, and though I have done paid work before this is the first time that I will be having my work appear on a book cover.  And believe me, when it is appearing on your own book, that adds a huge amount of pressure because you know you have to sell a reader first on your art, then on your writing.  It all comes down to you.  Oy.  And digital paintings are not something that can be whipped out in no time ... they take several days to complete, and now I had to finish not only "Heartkeeper"'s cover in time for the July 6th launch, but "Heartbound"'s cover for July 12th.  In reality that breaks down to 3 days for "Heartkeeper" and 5 days after that for "Heartbound".

   In addition, I was also tapped to make swag for the release party, so I have been beading my little heart out making a necklace and keychains.  They're not difficult to make, just time consuming.  And in the middle of all this I also had to set up a website, a Twitter account, start making an online store for mugs and t-shirts and mousepads and such (though that was my choice to do and I'll finish it after the book stuff is over), write posts for blog tours, and still try to maintain some sort of a semblance of a married life with kid.  Let me tell you it has NOT been easy. 

   I also wouldn't give it up for the world.  It's been a wild ride that I only hope becomes wilder ... for a little while.  When school starts up again it can get niiiiice and quiet so I can work.  :)

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